Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sonora, not Sonoma

SO we made it safe and sound out of Japan and into the US. United Airlines provided us with the lowest quality of a transoceanic flight that either of us has ever taken. Among the ammenities UA had to offer are one crappy screen for every 100 passengers, absolutely no space between seats and a very untasty food menu. Flight went pretty smoothly though and we slept about 5 hours. The always-helpful Nana was right there waiting for us to make our last leg of the trip way smoother. It is great not to have to ride the BART after a 9-hour flight. Thanks Nana.

It feels awesome to be back in Sonora, and to see family again. Beautiful Luna is not doing too good. We visited her in the hospital as soon as we got some sleep and she was released that very same day after a few weeks. Today she is going back to the hospital (standford this time) after a rough couple of days full of seizures. Everyone else is doing great, and driving us a bit crazy, which is a sign that they haven't changed a bit, and never expected them to do so, or wanted it for that matter. It definately is a big jump from our secluded life in Japan to "family fun".

Right before leaving we did some last-minute travelling and here is the proof. Lynz served as my model for a day. Enjoy.

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