Thursday, February 1, 2007

The White City

Arequipa, Peru´s second largest city, is known as ¨The White City¨ for all its beautiful white architecture. We arrived here last night, with me feeling quite down due to stomach problems. It seems inevitable that I come down with something every time I cross a border...Now I am feeling much better, enough to have eaten a juicy kebab for lunch today along with a crepe and nutella. Not only is the food selection here broad, it is also generally much more affordable than Chile, thank goodness!!
Also, we´ve come into some more bad luck...while I was out of it with stomach problems in Arica, Chile, Gaizka and I accidentally left our digital camera charger and USB cord in the Internet café. That not only means that we will be without a camera until we figure something out, but also that there will be no original pictures posted on our blog for a while :(
The plan from here is to catch a night bus to Nazca, where the famous and mysterious Nazca lines lie. See the following Wikipedia link for more information about the lines.

From Nazca, we will visit the Oasis town of Ica, known for its Pisco (an alcoholic beverage made from grapes -- Peru and Chile each claim it as native to their respective countries), and then head back to Lima.

Tune in again soon for more updates!

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