Friday, January 5, 2007

Welcome to our Blog/Bienvenidos a nuestro blog

Welcome to the blog of Lyndsay and Gaizka! The purpose of this blog will be to inform family and friends of our journeys, as well as to organize our thoughts for our personal benefit. Because we are a bilingual pair, this blog will be established in both English and Spanish. So get out your dictionaries, or just have fun practicing reading Spanish or English!

Bienvenidos al blog de Lyndsay y Gaizka. Hemos creado este blog para informar a nuestra familia y amigos de nuestras vidas, y tambien para organizar nuestros pensamientos. Como somos una pareja bilingue, en este blog vamos a escribir en ingles y español. Asi que sacar vuestros diccionarios y practicar leyendo en español o ingles!

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Anonymous said...

I am overcome with pride and without proper words to describe my feelings. It was abit difficult for me to read the accounts of your journey! When I asked you today if you would do it all over again, KNOWING what to expect this time and you answered "Uhh...Yeah", it made me feel better!! With love and pride from home, to Lyndsay and Gaizka~ God's Continued Speed. Mamma Letha xxoo